Your receipt of an electronic order confirmation does not signify our acceptance of your order, nor does it constitude confirmation of our offer to sell. Easylooseweight reserves the right to any time after receipt of your order to accept or decline your order for any reason.

Currently, we accept order only through the following payment methods

Bitcoins (Discount of 15%)

Western union (Amount from 300€)

Bank Transfer (Amount from 500€)

Cashapp (Amount from 250€)

Zelle(Amount from 250€)

Gift cards (Any amount)

BITCOINS (Available)

Bitcoin payment accepted and use for both online and offline orders. Bitcoin clients will require our BITCOIN wallet information 

Western Union

Western union is convenient, safe and fast service to pay money from any country to any country in the world (WORLDWIDE). Proceed to the checkout of your order and we will contact you to give you the information to make your payment through western union. You can go to make your transaction through local western union office or you can make it online through the western union website (   

Bank transfer 

Please contact us to get the details of our bank account to make your payment. We accept bank transfers just for the amounts above 300€

Our order security check protects both customers and online shops against Credit card frauds and other malevolent activities. We perform all possible methods to confirm if the order is authentic. We also look up customers details in a global changeback abuser database. In this way, a frauder and chargeback abuser identified in one store will be known by all stores.

Zelle and Cashapp , Venmo  (Available)

These are electronic methods of payment from home for our USA based customers. This is to enable you pay from home and receive your order all from home and safe time. Our contact details for this methods of payment will be given upon payment.

Gift Cards (Any amount)     (Available)

This is a method of payment you can do from any part of the world. This enables you to easily make payment and also have your order delivered directly to your location. 

For any preoccupation, below our contact


            whatsapp, call text at +12033508532